Miami artist and studio owner, Addonis Parker, is, at the very least, an accomplished man of many talents. Nicknamed "Giant" as a child for his now 6’8" frame, he is just as kind and gentle an artist as he is a father, husband, and community man. After high school, Addonis attended Brevard Community College in Florida majoring in Art and Computer Science until 1995. In 1996, he attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia obtaining continuing education credits in Art History & Music, and started an AUC Center art group there from 1997 to 1998. It was then that Addonis became involved in after-school and community based art programs as the Program Director for recreation art, and science classes at the YMCA.

His love of, and talent for, art is almost innate. Inspired by family, life experiences, and his own struggles with life in the inner city even being homeless himself for a while, Addonis made the decision to give back to the inner city by teaching art and establishing art programs for inner city kids in Miami. From the YMCA to group homes for boys and the juvenile justice system to his own Art Forever Studio in Miami, Addonis is striving to reach the hearts and artistic minds of at-risk youths. The titles he has held in that regard have almost been as many as the awards he’s received and pieces he has done for several city and state governments, major corporations, and educational facilities.